To order items from our catalogue, you should contact us via e-mail atherisieren@kulichki.com and get know our snail-mail address. Then you should send us money using postal services or packed in paper as letter (sending money in letter at your own risk).

Prices in catalogue given WITHOUT postal outlay. Postal outlay can be about 1 — 1,5 € in Russia. Contact us before sending money and write about your location to let us calculate total price.

Also, we can trade our items on your releases. Not that we can suggest you 3 items at minimum for distribution (1-2 items — only for sell).

Some our series are going with subscription into all releases from series. It means that we reserve special copy for you of every series' item, if you pay for three forthcoming releases at once.

Some series includes extra-copies with additional inserts. Extra-copies are for pre-order only. Pre-order means that you pay for release before the release date (23 days at maximum, one day at minimum including time of money transfer).

Note, that if you buy few items at once, you can get special discounts:

1 item — 0%
2 items — 3%
3-4 items — 5%
5 items — 10%
> 6 — 15%

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